Discover the SALTGIANT ETN, a four year European project initiated in 2018 and dedicated to understand one of the largest salt deposits on Earth.

SaltGiant network
SALTGIANT is a rare cross-disciplinary network of natural and social scientists dedicated to understanding the formation of the Mediterranean Salt Giant, one of the largest salt deposits on Earth, and its implications for sub-seafloor microbial life, risk assessment in the oil industry, geo-economics of the Mediterranean region and the history of oceanography.
SaltGiant science
SALTGIANT contributes to respond to the growing demand for a new generation of scientists working in the interface between the natural and social sciences.
SaltGiant etn academic
SALTGIANT brings together 24 academic organizations (13 beneficiaries, 11 partners), 6 private sector Oil&Gas companies, 2 mining sector companies, 1 biotechnology company, 1 geopolitics think tank, 1 museum and 1 specialist in transferable skills training from 11 countries to stimulate interdisciplinary and intersectorial knowledge exchange between geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, microbiologist, geographers and historians in a network with PhD students at its core.


The SaltGiant 4th Short Course will be held in Paris next May

The SaltGiant 4th Short Course will be held in Paris next May

The SaltGiant Short Course 4 will be held in Paris from May 26th to 29th 2020. This event is open to the participation of external PhDs or Early Stage Researchers from any country ! The agenda and goal of the 4 days are detailed here. If you are interested by the...

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