Partner organisations

Non-academic partner of Saltgiant ETN


 Based in Madrid, the former Petroleum Oil and Gas Espana S.A. operates as a hydrocarbon exploration and production company. It explores for and produces gas in Spain’s Guadalquivir valley. The company will host the secondment and co-supervise ESR 1 as well as co-organize two short courses.

POGESA personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Santiago Ledesma (Head of Geology Department in POGESA)

GEPlan Consulting (GEPlan)

GEPlan Consulting is a consulting firm formed in 2003 that can provide innovative and integrated services for new join ventures and for exploration, appraisal and development projects. It has specialistic skills in Carbonate Sedimentology, Reservoir Fracture Analysis, Reservoir modelling, Thrust Belt and Foreland domains seismic structural characterisation and Circum-Meditarranean Oil and Gas Prospectivity. GEPlan offers a wide range of surface and sub-surface expertise and experience in the characterisation of complex reservoirs from exploration to development through the integration of different studies that spans from outcrop analogues studies to image log characterisation, core description, seismic interpretation aimed to the reservoir modelling. Since the beginning of its activity GEPlan has been intensively working in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, Latin America, Barents Sea and recently in India. GEPlan also organises and run training courses for international associations, training companies and oil companies.
GEPlan will host the secondment of ESR 3.

GEPlan personnel involved in Saltgiant:

– Angelo Ricciato (Exploration Geologist & Business Development Manager)


Created in 1953, Eni is an Italian major integrated energy company committed to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas, with 84.000 employees in 83 countries, 40 of them with Exploration & Production assets. ENI is currently involved in exploration activities in the Mediterranean area (Offshore Italy, North Africa, Levantine basin). ENI will host the secondment of ESR 10.

ENI personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Marco Meda

Ratio Oil Exploration (RATIO)

Created in 1992, Ratio Oil Exploration is a Israeli Exploration & Production limited partnership, that explores, develops and produces oil and gas reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Ratio’s main asset is the Leviathan field, a ~22 Tcf natural gas turbidite field. RATIO will host the secondment of ESR 11.

RATIO personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Dr Josh Steinberg (RATIO’s Technical Director and Chief Geoscientist)

Delek Drilling LP and Avner Oil Exploration LP (DELEK)

Delek Drilling LP and Avner Oil Exploration LP are Israeli E&P limited partnerships, that explore, develop and produce oil and gas reservoirs offshore Israel and Cyprus. Delek & Avner have significant holdings in the Leviathan, Tamar and Aphrodite fields, and in the last decade discovered with their partners over 40 TCF of natural gas. DELEK will host the secondment of ESR 11.

DELEK personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Dr Zvi (Kul) Karcz (DELEK’s VP Exploration and Chief Geologist)

Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (VBPR)

Founded in 1999, Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS (VBPR) is a research and consulting company based in Oslo, Norway. VBPR work on integrated geological and geophysical interpretation projects and seafloor sampling studies in volcanic basins and margins around the world.
VBPR will host the secondments of ESR 12 and 13.

VBPR personnel involved in the Saltgiant:
– Sverre Planke (Geophysicist and VBPR’s CEO).

– Romain Corseri (Geophysicist)

Knauf Gips KG (KNAUF)

Knauf Gips KG is part of the Knauf Group. The Knauf Group is engaged in various business activities related to gypsum extraction, production of gypsum and plaster products as well as insulating materials. KNAUF produces in more than 220 plants worldwide in more than 80 countries. There exist more than 70 KNAUF raw material processing plants and more than 26,000 employees are working for Knauf on all continents. KNAUF will host the secondments of ESR 6 and 8.

KNAUF personel involved in Saltgiant:
– Prof. Dr. Matthias Reimann (KNAUF’s Head of Geology Department).


Italkali – Società Italiana Sali Alcalini SpA – is among the leading companies in Europe for the extraction, processing and export of salt. Operating on the market for more than 40 years, it is the main actor on the national market and has a leading position in the European market for the salt domestic and industrial use. ITALKALI will host the secondment of ESR 4.

ITALKALI personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Calogero Schembri (Senior geological advisor)


Matis Ltd. is an Icelandic Research & Development institute founded in 2007 with 130 employees which focusses on environmental research, food research and biotechnology. Matis has top facilities at its laboratories, performing cutting edge research in close collaboration with various universities, institutes and industry in Iceland and worldwide.
MATIS will host the secondment of ESR 9.

MATIS personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Dr. Viggó fiór Marteinsson (Microbiologist)

Museum of Republic of Srpska (MRS)

Founded in 1930, the Museum of the Republic of Srpska is the biggest museum in the Republic of Srpska (one of the two constitutional entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina). It is a diversified museum with departments for archaeology, history, natural history, ethnology, ethnomusicology, history of art whose main goal is to care for cultural heritage.

MSR personel involved Saltgiant:
– Ivana Pandžić (Curator archaeologist)
– Nada Puvačić (MSR’s Director)

SISSA Medialab (SISSA)

Sissa Medialab (SISSA) is an Italian company owned by SISSA – International School for Advanced Studies (Trieste). Sissa Medialab organizes events and educational programmes, produce innovative media to communicate science to different audiences, offers consultancy for the development of permanent and temporary exhibitions. It has collaborated with several companies and research centres, institutions and networks.

SISSA Medialab personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Simona Cerrato (SISSA coordinator of communication activities)

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

Created in the 1950s, NGI is a private commercial foundation and an international centre on research and consultancy on engineering-related geosciences. NGI’s head office is located in Oslo and its Norway’s leading geotechnical specialist community.  
NGI will host the secondment of ESR 12.

NGI personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Hector Marin Moreno (Department of Offshore Energy)


Academic partner of Saltgiant ETN

University of Bristol (UBRI)

Established in 1595, Bristol is one of the most popular and successful universities in the UK and was ranked within the top 5% of universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2019. Bristol is organised into six academic faculties composed of multiple schools and departments in which the School of Geographical Sciences, internationally renowned for its palaeoclimate research.  UBRI will host the secondment of ESR 5.

UBRI personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Dr Rachel Flecker (Geochimist)

Università degli Studi di Torino (Unito)


The University of Torino (UTOR) is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian Universities. Nowadays, UTOR has about 70.000 students, 4.000 academic, administrative and technical staff, 1800 post-graduate and post-doctoral students and 120 buildings in different parts of the city. It carries out scientific research and organizes courses in all disciplines, except Engineering and Architecture.
UTOR will host the secondment of ESR 8 and ESR 6.

UTOR personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Prof. Francesco Dela Pierre

– Prof. Marcello Natalicchio

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)

Founded in 1918, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) is Israel’s first and largest university. It is a multidisciplinary institution of  23,000 students, 7 faculties, more than 100 research centers, and 315 academic departments. HUJI has been ranked among the top universities in the world in two comprehensive surveys conducted by The Times Higher Education Supplement of London (52nd in the Sciences) and Shanghai University (65th world ranking).

HUJI personnel involved in Saltgiant
– Einat Aharonov

Universita degli studi di Pavia (UPAV)

Founded in 1361, the University of Pavia is one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe and one of the best universities in Italy, according to national and international rankings. This multidisciplinary university welcomes almost 24000 students, 900 professors and researchers organized in 18 departments. The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is one of these; it is formed by 48 persons of teaching staff, 36 persons of technical and administrative staff, ca. 60 researchers enrolled as PhD students and other types of temporary positions.
UPAV will host the secondment of ESR 2.

UPAV personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Andrea Di Giulio (Director of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department)
– Giovanni Toscani (Assistant Professor of Structural Geology and geological mapping)

University Paul Sabatier-Toulouse 3 (USAB)

Created in 1969 and based in Toulouse, the University of Toulouse is one of the largest scientific universities in France. It offers of multidisciplinary education in the fields of science, health, engineering, technology and sports and has a staff of 2500 professors and researchers. The GET (Geosciences-Environment-Toulouse) Laboratory is part of the Department of Universe, Space, Planets and Environment (UPEE). The GET is involved in research and training activities in the Earth and Environmental sciences. The GET includes 165 permanent searchers and technical and administrative persons and about 65 researchers enrolled as PhD students and other types of temporary positions. The GET will host the secondments of ESR 2, 3 and 13.

GET personnel involved in Saltgiant :
– Agnes Maillard (Assistant Professor in Geology)

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

DLR is Germany’s national research centre for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. As Germany’s Space Agency, the German federal government has given DLR responsibility for the forward planning and implementation of the German space programme as well as international representation of Germany’s interests. DLR has approximately 8000 employees at 20 locations in Germany.
DLR will host the secondment of ESR 9.

DLR personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Dr. Petra Rettberg (Team Leader of the Astrobiology-Group)

– Dr. Kristina Beblo-Vranesevic (Radiation Biology Department)

MARUM Research center at the University of Bremen (MARUM)

Located in Germany, the University of Bremen has 25 years of experience in marine research. Within the Research Center / Cluster of Excellence MARUM world-class research is carried out in the fields of sediment dynamics, ocean and climate and geosphere-biosphere-interactions. MARUM trains future generations of ocean experts within an international and interdisciplinary framework, and expands public awareness of the importance of the marine environment.
MARUM will host the secondments of ESRs 10, 12 and 13.

MARUM personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Prof Dr Katrin Huhn

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Founded in 1827 and based in Stockholm, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is the largest and oldest technical university in Sweden. Its Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, with the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, is an integrative post-disciplinary division for research, education and societal engagement. The Division has strengths in the fields of environmental history, history of the polar regions, and the history of marine and coastal research (including from cultural and political perspectives).
KHT will host the secondment of ESR 15.

KTH personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Peder Roberts (Historian)

Universidad de Sevilla (US)





Founded in 1505, the University of Seville is based in Andalusia (South of Spain). Its Schools of Philology, Geography and History, Philosophy, Biology and Engineering and its many schools and technological institutes serve the educational needs of some 70,900 students
US will host the secondment of ESR 15.

US personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Lino Camprubi (Philosophy department)

Universita degli studi di Trieste (Units)

Founded in 1924, the University of Trieste is located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region (North of Italy). The university consists of 10 departments and has about 17,000 students.
Units will host the secondment of ESR 13.

Units personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Anna Del Ben (Department of Mathematics and Geosciences)

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSA)

Founded in 1785, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is a public university institute – with special autonomy – working in the field of applied sciences: Economics and Management, Law, Political Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology, Medicine, and Industrial and Information Engineering.
SSA will host the secondment of ESR 14.

SSA personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Andrea Roventini (Institute of Economics)

Universidad de Granada

Founded in 1531, the University of Granada is one of the oldest university of Spain. Located in Andalusia (South of Spain), UGR delivers pluridisciplinary education to about 80,000 students throught 22 faculties and 4 schools. 
UGR will co-organise SaltGiant Field Course 2.

UGR personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Cesar Viseras Alarcon (Statygraphy and Paleontology Department)

Universitat de Barcelona


Founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona is one of the oldest university in the world. Located in Catalonia (North-West of Spain), UB delivers pluridisciplinary education to about 64,200 students throught 16 faculties and 9 affiliated centers. 

UB personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Alberto Sáez Ruiz (Statygraphy teacher)

University of Oxford

With the clear date of foundation, the University of Oxford stands out as the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Located in the South Centre of England, OXON delivers pluridisciplinary education to over 24,000 students throught 350 different graduate degree programmes. Oxford was ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2017, 2018 and 2019. OXON will host the secondment of ESR 12.

OXON personnel involved in Saltgiant:
– Claudia Bertoni (Department of Earth Sciences)

University of Southampton



Founded in 1862, the University of Southampton is located in the South of England. SOTON has has seven teaching campuses and hosts around 22,000 students.

SOTON personnel involved in Saltgiant:

– Prof Jon Bull (Ocean and Earth Sciences) 

Harvard University


Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Located in Cambridge (Massachusetts), the university is composed of 10 academic faculties plus the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and hosts over 36,000 students. Harvard will host the secondment of ESR 2. 

Harvard personnel involved in Saltgiant:

– Prof Jerry X. Mitrovica (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences)

Queen Mary University of London



QMUL dates back to the foundation of London Hospital Medical College in 1785. Located in London, the university offers over 240 degree programmes across three faculties (Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Medicine and Dentistry) and hosts over 28,000 students. QMUL will host the secondment of ESR 9. 

QMUL personnel involved in Saltgiant:

– Dr. James Bradley (School of Geography)